Reasons to Invest in Weekend Homes

  • Safe and secured home to stay during crisis like COVID-19.
  • Spend holidays and vacations with family and loved ones.
  • Live a healthy life in a pollution free environment away from hectic city life.
  • Go back to nature / Roots to live a quality life.
  • Activities like organic forming and gardening.
  • Status symbol / Aspiration to own a weekend home.
  • Retirement home.
  • Investment.

Weekend Home Buyers Requirements

  1. Safe and secured project which can be used as a safe house during crisis like COVID-19.
  2. Natural surroundings (hills, greens, and water bodies).
  3. Pleasant weather and non-polluted environment.
  4. Good Infrastructure with internet connectivity.
  5. Budget – value for money project.
  6. Within 150 km / 3 hours of driving distance.
  7. Close to market and medical facilities.
  8. Recreation facilities like clubhouse, pool, restaurant, etc.
  9. Well connected by road / rail.
  10. Home loan options.
  11. Clear title and legal approvals.
  12. Reputation of the developer.